DAB radio listeners now have a new station to try out, as "Amazing Radio" has debuted on the platform this month.

Available nationwide (or, more accurately, where there's a DAB signal) the station plays 100% new music from unsigned bands and artists.

An offshoot of the music website amazingtunes.com where, over the last 4 years, unsigned artists have been able to upload and sell their music - receiving 70% of the download revenue, the station is on a 6-month pilot.

While the site now offers 15,000 tracks from a variety of music genres including indie, urban, rock, jazz and pop, this is the catalogue the station can select from.

Paul Campbell, founder of amazingtunes.com and Amazing Radio, said: "It's normally impossible for new artists to get onto big radio stations. So we made our own".

The station also plans to feature unsigned voices as presenters and allow listeners to choose the playlists.