GEAR4 has made yet another addition to its audio range with the launch of the KRG-D50.

The KRG-D50 is a DAB and FM radio that also includes a universal dock for iPod (complete with 3 adapters) in what GEAR4 says is a "sleek and compact design".

The first DAB product from GEAR4, the KRG-D50 features a 12/24 hour clock with 2 programmable alarms, allowing you to wake up to a DAB or FM radio station, your own iPod tracks or a buzzer.

Other features include snooze and sleep alarm functions, 20 programmable preset radio stations, an LCD screen and an audio line-in port for use with other music players - and it will charge your iPod when docked.

The KRG-D50 will be available across Europe from the end of June, priced at £79.99.