A DAB radio station which played only birdsong has been taken off the air, despite large audience figures and celebrity fans.

The Birdsong channel had been broadcasting for 18 months and was originally meant as a filler for a DAB station which closed before a replacement could be lined up.

Half a million people tuned in regularly, including Discworld author Sir Terry Pratchett who said he found it relaxing. A protest group has already formed on Facebook with 100 members at the time of writing. One fan said:

"Bring back the birdsong! I fell asleep to it, I woke up to it, I used it to drown out the sound of the people next door arguing!".

The station that will be replacing it - Amazing Radio - will feature songs from unsigned artists who've uploaded their music to amazingtunes.com over the last 4 years.

And if you're pining its loss, PURE tells us that "natural sounds including birdsong" are available on certain models that it sells - the Tempus-1S, Evoke Flow and Avanti Flow.