The end of the conventional speaker is in sight, according to engineers at the University of Warwick.

The Warwick Audio Technologies team there has developed a "groundbreaking" new loudspeaker that measures less than 0.25mm thick and looks remarkably like tin foil.

Said to be cheap to manufacture, the "Flat Flexible Loudspeaker" could be concealed inside wall coverings, ceilings or car interiors.

The tech breakthrough comes with a development of a flexible laminate, which "when excited by an electrical signal" will vibrate and produce sound.

"We believe this is a truly innovative technology", says Steve Couchman, the CEO of Warwick Audio Technologies.

"Its size and flexibility means it can be used in all sorts of areas where space is at a premium. Audio visual companies are investigating its use as point of sale posters for smart audio messaging and car manufacturers are particularly interested in it for its light weight and thinness, which means it can be incorporated into the headlining of cars, rather than lower down in the interior".

The first commercial product using the FFL tech is said to be due later this year.