The Digital Radio Development Bureau has announced that DAB digital radios saw "strong sales" over the Christmas period, with more than half a million products sold in December.

Overall DAB sales to the end of 2008 were 8.53 million with over 2 million products sold in 2008. The DRDB says this is up 3% year-on-year.

"Manufacturers tell us sales of DAB radios this Christmas were held back by a lack of stock in some outlets. Where stock was available, DAB radios sold well and some manufacturers have told us they were working 'flat out' until Christmas Eve to supply product", says DRDB chief executive, Tony Moretta.

"Consumer confidence in DAB remains high and it is important that retailers and manufacturers do not lose sight. At a time when other consumer electronics products are suffering declining volumes and value, DAB radio is holding its market position and growing its share versus analogue devices".