Linn has added the MAJIK DS to its line-up of stack system style music players.

The MAJIK DS lets you play music formats including WAV, AIFF, MP3, ALAC and the highest resolution FLAC.

Once connected up to a standard Ethernet home network, this digital stream player will stream music from existing storage devices, including computers or NAS drives.

It will also fit into your HiFi system in the same way as a CD player, and, thanks to its on-board volume control, can be connected directly to a power amplifier without the need for a pre-amplifier.

It will also connect to any UPnP third party device so you can then use a touchscreen, PDA, mobile phone, computer, or remote control, to control your music collection from anywhere in your home.

Linn adds that there's the option to queue up to 1000 tracks from your music collection.

And, until the 31 December, Linn is offering a 10% discount when you trade in your old CD player - irrespective of make or model.

The MAJIK DS is available now for £1750.