The Digital Radio Development Bureau has released statistics that it says show "steady" growth for the platform.

Figures from Rajar show an increase in digital radio listening with figures revealing around 30% year-on-year growth in DAB platform share, listening hours and adults with a DAB radio at home.

Adults aged 15 plus who own a DAB set at home increased to 28.7% in Q3 from 27.3% in Q2. This represents a 32% growth year-on-year, up from 20.5% in Q3 2007.

31.4% of adults now listen to a digital platform each week with DAB leading the way with a weekly reach of 17.8%.

Tony Moretta, Chief Executive, of the Digital Radio Development Bureau said: "Consumers love DAB, they keep on buying and they keep on listening".

"We already knew that sales are up (20% over last year) and these figures from Rajar show that listening is growing too - it’s all added proof of the appeal of DAB radio."

"Digital radios can be a great high value, low cost gift this Christmas, and we’ll be telling people all about it in a coordinated campaign from commercial radio and the BBC."