So you're pootling along on your shiny, new scooter, but what's missing is your fav tune to sing along.

An American company has come up with a solution in the Motor Tunes detachable stereo.

This is compatible with any iPod, MP3 player or any audio device with a headphone jack, and let's you play your music whether you are on a motor scooter, three- wheeler, motorcycle or a quad.

"Scooterists and bikers have been crying out for a portable stereo
system. Most motor scooters are too small for a built-in audio system. And many bikers don't want to spend hundreds of dollars for one either. And even the do-it- yourself market is expensive, time-consuming and usually requires you to take apart your vehicle", said Mick Kless, president of Active Tunes.

"We've solved that issue by creating a detachable product with great sound quality and volume. And the best part is that you can instantly detach it and take your tunes with you once you've arrived at your destination."

For a limited time, Motor Tunes will be $69.99 for the stereo mini-speaker, audio line-in cable, USB charging cable, integrated neoprene speaker/audio player pouch and fastening

The system is small, compact and mounts nearly anywhere on the
vehicle including handle, steering console, dash, handlebar or body.