TrekStor, the maker of a £10,000 MP3 player, has ventured beyond portable devices to create a new wireless speaker system for the home.

Announcing the new product at IFA in Berlin, the Wireless SoundBox as it will be known, promises to let you listen to your PC music on up to 20 speakers.

Unlike expensive systems like Sonos, the system starts from just £35 with additional speakers costing around £25 giving you a compete system for around £500.

The SoundBox works by plugging in a USB transmitter into your PC and then connecting the speakers to it wireless. Music can then be streamed to the speakers however all speakers have to play the same music. Music is controlled via the PC.

TrekStor say the speakers can be up to 25m from the transmitter and volume can be controlled individual.

Powered by four batteries the SoundBox will be available from October.