New DAB radios are coming in thick and fast this month, however that hasn't stopped Tangent radios launching a two new colours to brighten up this awful summer we are having here in Britain.

Mellow Yellow High Gloss and Tasty Lime Green High Gloss are the hues supposedly in this month.

The new £159.99 radios are actually the same as the old ones and come with a 5-watt amplifier, 3-inch speaker and heavyweight furniture-grade wooden cabinet,

According to Tangent, the TRIO sounds better than 99% of known DAB radios (wonder what it thinks is the other 1%).

Tangent say it has deliberately avoided costly and fashionable frills like SD Cards, Instant Replay, etc, that most people don't want, don't understand and don't use.

The new colours had to the rainbow of colours already available including Boring Black Ash Veneer, Virulent High-Gloss Yellow and Dazzling High-Gloss Lime Green.