iPod accessory maker Thumbs Up has launched two new iPod accessories this week for the waterbaby and desk jockey.

The iBlock is a docking station come speaker that most Lego fans would be proud of.

Taking their power from the iPod, these speakers don’t require batteries or an external power supply although could quickly reduce your listening life span.

According to Thumbs Up they feature a "special ‘Active Bass System’ that boosts the bass also means that they don’t sound tinny, which can be a problem with some mini-speakers".

Available in various colours including yellow, black, red, green, blue, white and gold Thumbs Up even refer to the fact that they look like a "Construction set" even though we are sure they might not have the backing of the world famous Danish company.

The iSwim on the otherhand plans to go up against the likes of H2O Audio and OverBoard with a waterproof casing for your MP3 player.

The clear front panel allows full operation of controls and click wheels whilst still inside the case, so you can even listen to and fully operate your iPod whilst getting wet.

An armband (not the inflatable kind that keeps you afloat) and waterproof headphones are included.

Both the iBlock and iSwim will cost £12.99 and are available now.