It's been a day of superlatives and grand claims for internet radio launches.

This morning it was Radiopaq claiming a world first with its Rp5, which it claims is unique in allowing its users, with the aid of a wireless connection, to search out music by name, genre, country or language from the site and then play without having been anywhere near a computer.

Well now it's Revo's turn.

The company is claiming the title of world’s first portable
"hybrid" DAB/DAB+ and Wi-Fi internet radio.

The emphasis with the PICO is portability - as it has both a splashproof construction and 12 hour lithium-ion rechargeable battery, so can be used anywhere from the garden (if you managed to get a gap in the rain) to in the bathroom.

It features full DAB and DAB+ digital radio reception, FM radio coverage with RDS, Wi-Fi internet radio (so access to over 11,000 stations from around the world), wireless MP3 media streaming from PC or Mac, and the ability to serve as a portable sound system for any MP3 player.

And - it is also one of only two digital radios - the other being Revo's not so portable BLIK RadioStation model - that is DAB+ broadcast ready without the necessity for paid-for software upgrades or downloads.

The PICO RadioStation is £169.95 and will be available from 15 September.