Steinway Lyngdorf is set to stun audiophiles with the launch of its Model C Music System.

This is a fully integrated digital music system.

It features two floor-standing dipole speakers and twin boundary woofers, as well as the same iconic, pedestal head-unit that was featured with the limited edition Model D music system.

But, says the manufacturer, the new model C is ideal for more intimate, compact spaces (so a penthouse as opposed to a fifteen bedroom mansion).

"Internally, we recognised that our discerning customers, both individuals as well as commercial establishments, would appreciate a music system that would offer the same exceptional sound quality as the Model D Music System but that would be ideal for more intimate, compact listening spaces," said Peter Lyngdorf, founder of Steinway Lyngdorf.

The model C music system offers an "unparalleled acoustic experience" for a mere $148,000.