Following on from the launch of the black high gloss retro DAB, Bush has launched a red version, the TR04DABRED. In "luscious new lip gloss red", Bush says the "sexy" touchscreen sensitive control panel has an instant wow factor.

Claiming to successfully mix classic 1950s retro styling with "state-of-the-art" controls, it offers the touchscreen LCD display panel atop the radio scrolling text displayed on the two-line LCD display with blue LED backlight display showing song title, artist, radio station, signal strength and current time.

Users can touch the panel to flick through the DAB stations alphabetically, and automatically store 10 DAB and 10 FM stations at a touch of a screen.

It has a matching retro red gloss and chrome handle and the classic 1950s "Bush" logo on the front speaker grille to give an extra touch of nostalgia.

It's available on the high street from July onwards at £49.99.