If you thought the iPod was just for playing music think again, Flair, probably more famous for the Sylvanian Family toys, has created a new game based around the iPod called iNo.

The concept is that you place your iPod, like a piece of bread into a toaster, into the ball-like speaker device and then it turns your MP3 player into a quiz master using your music as the questions.

The system comes with four remote control colour buzzers, a pack of question cards and the ability to shuffle your music.

When the tune plays each player competes to name it first. Pressing the buzzer lights up a corresponding light on the top of the unit and stops the music so there are no arguments. Players can then pop up the iPod to see the answer before popping it down again and the songs are shuffled so while you might know what songs are on your iPod you won't know what song is coming next.

The iNo will cost £59.99 and will be available in black, white, or pink (as pictured) when it comes out later in the year.