iHome Audio have become renowned for finding many of way of integrating your iPod into various gadgets from audio systems to alarm clocks.

And here's their latest gizmos.

First up is the new iHome Audio computer speakers with iPod syncing/charging dock.

The 15 watt computer speakers will work with any PC or Mac, but also have a built in dock for your iPod, iPhone, iPod touch, or nano.

The speakers will charge, play and sync your iPod with iTunes while it's docked into the base of the computer speakers and comes equipped with a sync switch, volume controls, a headphone jack for individual listening and a remote control.

The iHome Audio Computer Speakers with iPod Syncing/Charging Dock (iH70SRC) will retail for $149.99.

The second launch is the iHome Rotating Alarm Clock for iPod touch.

You can turn the alarm clock vertically to play back music and then horizontally to watch movies or videos.

The clock comes with a remote and will work with most newer and older generation iPods. It also supports other MP3 devices via a AUX/MP3 line-in jack.

The iHome Rotating Alarm Clock for iPod will retail for $79.99.