So looks aren't everything but what if you get looks and sound quality.

This is the claim being made for the unusual, curvaceous marble speakers from nOrh.

The nOrh 9.0 uses "one of the best tweeters in the world", the Scanspeak Revelator 9900 and the Scanspeak 15W8530-K00 woofer which is now found in loudspeakers selling upwards to $38,000.

The chaps over at Born Rich add: "The stunning speakers begin to roll off at 35Hz and their 10dB downpoint is 29Hz."

And, as well as looking good, the speakers are designed to last built from marble with stainless steel feet, while the grill is made from laser cut steel which has been powder coated, and the strings are made from silk.

The nOrh 9.0 is available in three versions - Mini 9.0, nOrh 9.0 Synthetic Marble, and the high-end nOrh 9.0 Marble – selling for $1500, $2000 and $3000 respectively.