Klipsch has launched the RoomGroove for iPods that is a fairly affordable 2.4GHz wireless speaker system solution for sharing your tunes around your house.

With the claim that it's a great sounding iPod speaker system in its own right, when combined with other RoomGroove units it becomes a "high-performance" wireless multi-room home audio system.

Its big selling point is that it's easy to set up - and expandable as and when you wish to do so.

Requiring no wiring beyond a mains power cable, each RoomGroove also acts as a transmitter or receiver, meaning it can wirelessly send music to other RoomGroove units or receive music from a transmitting RoomGroove.

On the sound side of things there's "high-quality" woofers, crossovers, and horn-loaded tweeters that are said deliver accurate, efficient, and uncompromised acoustics.

Remote controlled, it features a touch-sensitive, motorized retractable dock that charges all iPods with 30-pin connectors and includes Apple universal well-inserts to accommodate multiple iPod sizes.

Other digital players, as well as devices with a line level audio output (FM/DAB tuners, Sky Digital and Freeview PVRs, etc), can be connected via a rear-located auxiliary input.

Priced at £199 per unit the RoomGroove is currently available for purchase at www.amazon.co.uk, www.play.com as well as other retailers.