Firebox has launched the Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock that they describe as a "remarkably clever alarm clock that will wake you up on time, every time you like".

An upgrade from a previous model, the Neverlate executive alarm now features two separate 7-day banks of alarms, so that sleepers can wake up at any moment on any day of the week whilst their respective bed-friend can wake up independently using their own alarm times.

There's also the extra option of 7 daily reminder alarms that can go off at programmed times throughout the day which adds up to 21 different alarms in total.

Alarm duration and backlight brightness can be customised and the Neverlate also features a gradual wake mode as well as "descending" snooze that means each time you press it the snooze time is cut in half.

The Neverlate houses a digital FM/AM radio with 20 programmable station presets. In addition there's four buzzer tones, Aux In and a USB port too.

On pre-order now, the Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock costs £34.95.