Two new NXT-based portable speakers have been launched by Targus, the "Traveler's Choice" and the "Portable Speaker Book".

The Traveler's Choice compact stereo speakers are a sleek, ultra-thin and claim to deliver clear and smooth sound quality, making them the "ideal choice" for listening to music or for giving audio presentations.

Audio input is via a standard 3.5mm jack and the speakers are designed for use on the road and can be hooked up to laptops to run off USB or powered by the supplied battery pack that uses four AAA batteries.

When not in use, the speakers clip together magnetically for maximum protection during storage, available in a choice of red or black finishes, the speakers are on sale now.

With the same power options and 3.5mm jack, the Targus Portable Speaker Book is a "uniquely-designed" folding stereo speaker system incorporating NXT's Balanced Radiator (BR) technology that claims to deliver even sound dispersion and a smooth frequency response.

The Traveler's Choice speakers are available now while the Targus Portable Speaker Book will launch in the summer. Pricing TBC.