Goodmans has announced the launch of what it's calling an "all-in-one portable Wi-Fi entertainment product".

The GWF101IP is a Wi-Fi-enabled internet radio and so can access over 6000 worldwide internet radio stations, and, thanks to the wireless connectivity can also be used to play music from your PC via its stereo speakers.

Complete with a step-by-step quick start guide, the device allows search by country, continent, genre or locale and store up to five stations on presets.

The GWF101IP also houses a universal iPod Dock so you can also listen to your stored iPod tunes and watch video files whilst it charges your iPod.

It boasts clock radio alarm functionality too so you can wake up to a choice of radio, buzzer, iPod or PC stored music.

Weighing in at 2.1kg, it has a LCD control panel on the top of the product and it also comes with a remote control. The GWF101IP will be on sale from April at around £100.