Intempo's GX internet radio, launched last September, has received an update.

Owners can now choose from over 55,000 global podcasts which are available for free, exclusively on the Intempo GX internet radio.

No downloading or computer connection is needed to listen to a vast selection of podcasts from around the world, users can explore the GX's new "global on demand directory" by choosing from BBC podcasts, Blog Talk radio or sort by category.

At the same time, Intempo has improved wireless security and radio buffering, WPA2 is now available for free download on the GX.

Intempo has improved the buffering across all stations, so that the occasional pauses and glitches associated with web listening are reduced.

For existing customers, the GX will automatically update to include all the new features once the upgrade option is selected from the main menu and on completion the GX will resume radio play.

The GX is currently available for £119.99 from Amazon and Argos.