GEAR4 has announced the launch of the BassStation, described as a "high end" portable 2.1 stereo speaker system for the iPod.

Featuring a top mounted iPod dock which charges the iPod and an integrated subwoofer the BassStation kicks out 35W of bass sounds for your listening pleasure.

Made for iPod but compatible with other audio inputs the BassStation can be used as a home speaker system or connected to an entertainment system via RCA cable to compliment inbuilt speaker sound.

The remote control supplied gives the user full access to the docked iPod menu, so as well as your bog standard play-pause-back type controls users can change playlists, tracks, albums and even adjust the Bass and Treble levels on the BassStation from up to 10 metres away.

The BassStation is available now on the high street and online direct from GEAR4 for £100.