A CD-ripping storage solution from Brennan, the JB7 micro jukebox can store your CD collection as MP3s on its internal hard-drive, meaning you can get the jewel-case clutter out of your living room.

Offering easy searching abilities, you can select and play particular tunes by entering two or three letters from the artist's name or song title.

There's also a "one touch play" feature that will mix successive random tracks, fading the end of one into the start of another so there are no gaps in the music, or the "segue" feature, which seamlessly blends two tracks together.

The JB7 offers built-in 2 x 30W amplifiers, an LCD display that shows song title, artist and album information, measures 4.8 x 16 x 22cm, and has "minimal blue styling".

The JB7 can also be used with a portable MP3 player via the USB port and songs can be transferred, PC-free, back and forth between the two devices.

Complete with a credit card-sized remote control, the micro jukebox is available now, with prices starting at £249 for the 20GB model.