Jamo has launched the new A 400 series of loudspeakers in the UK.

Styled by award-winning designers Smedegaard and Weis, the A 400 series is part of the company's "Aesthetic" range of designer loudspeakers.

Comprising five models, Jamo says the new series encompasses every permutation that any style-conscious audiophile or videophile could desire.

The speakers will be available in three 5.1-channel packages, prices range from £400 for the entry-level option, to £700 for the premium package, the range is made up of the following models:

A 407 - a slim and tall floor-standing model that's ideally suited to main front-channel duties in a multi-channel surround sound system. Underneath the grille are five drive units - a 25mm/1in woven textile dome tweeter plus four 3in mid/bass drivers.

A 405 - a satellite speaker, three drive units inside (a tweeter plus two bass/mids) and designed for shelf or wall mounting (mounting accessories supplied). The choice for front and/or rear channel duties if you want an unintrusive multi-channel surround system.

A 402 - smaller than the A 405 this wall-mountable satellite speaker is the smallest speaker in the series but claims to produce high-level, good quality sound from a single coaxial 3in driver, with a 3/4in tweeter mounted on a separate plastic bridge.

A 400 CEN - a dialogue speaker this features an identical drive unit configuration to the A 405 but is designed to allow for horizontal mounting, either on a shelf or a wall (mounting accessories supplied).

A 400 SUB - this reflex-ported cube packs 200w of power plus a 8in bass driver and is said to provide convincing low frequency weight when partnered with its smaller brethren as part of a multi-channel surround sound system.