Arcam has added a smaller, sleeker and cheaper model to its Solo range of hi-fi systems.

Without speakers, the Solo Mini is priced £650, and will arrive in shops early next month.

Bundled with Arcam Muso's speakers, the system costs £900, which saves you £30 on buying the speakers by themselves.

Other compatible accessories worth a look are the Logo subwoofer, which is priced £500.00; the Arcam rDock for iPods for £130.00 and the Arcam rLead for iPods for £60.00.

The box has a two dot-matrix fluorescent display; there is a slot-loading CD Player, which will play CDs as well as CDR/RW with MP3 and WMA files.

The system also includes a DAB, FM and AM radio as well as iPod, MP3 and USB device integration.

It comes with a 25 watts continuous per channel linear amplifier, and what Arcam claims is the world's finest clock radio (!).

The system has five additional analogue inputs (4 x RCA rear, 1 x 3.5mm jack front) and can be set-up for multi-room and whole house integration.