The UFO, Keg or Little Piggy are the latest in quirky speaker design from Miidio.

These ultra-compact speakers are able to plug in and play music from any device featuring a standard 3.5mm audio (headphone) socket such as an iPod, MP3 player, laptop, PC, most multimedia mobile phones and many other hand-held devices.

They are suitable for your any suitable solid surface, such as a table, shelf or window ledge, and are claimed to deliver 360-degree sound.

The speaker’s inner core and base plate drive sound waves from its crystalline core downwards, causing the surface on which it stands to vibrate and amplify the sound.

They come with a compact battery case and a power lead. The Miidio Keg is priced £79.99, while the UFO (for Space Cadets), which comes in metal-look red, white or black, is £69.99. Last is the Miidio Piggy, which is £49.99.