Designed and manufacured by Arcam in the UK, those feeling patriotic in the run up to Christmas might like to take a look at the just launched Arcam Solo 2.1 music and home cinema system that the company says "continues the Arcam tradition of being different".

Offering a "major sound upgrade" on the £1k Solo Music, this £1450.00 option will give you the video quality of the £2000 Solo Movie 5.1, lots of connectivity option, 1080p switching and 1080i video upscaling.

Aimed at those who don't want, or can't fit, 5 speakers in their living space, or those that consider themselves "music lovers first and movie fans second" this system claims to deliver "serious" Hi-Fi music from all sources thanks to two 50 watt "audiophile" amplifiers.

DAB and FM radio with alarm clock function is thrown into the mix, the system will play DVD-audio, SACD discs and will hook up with your iPod.