A new portable headphone amplifier is the latest launch from Graham Slee. The "Voyager" is now available from Advanced MP3 Players.

The manufacturer explains: "The sound of most portable music players is spoiled by their poor headphone amplifier stages, which struggle to drive hi-fi headphones to realistic listening levels".

"Graham Slee's Voyager is an inexpensive upgrade that provides high levels of clean power into the most demanding headphones."

The amplifier is powered by either 9v DC or USB supplies. Battery life is 50 plus hours continuous play for 2 to 3 weeks average usage.

It has a single line level input via a standard 3.5mm mini-jack socket, and comes supplied with a matching mini-jack to mini-jack interconnect cable and a 9v mains power adaptor.

The Voyager has a choice of flat and contoured frequency response settings "optimised for high end audiophile and portable in-ear type headphones respectively", explains the manufacturer, who continues: "With an output impedance between 16 and 600 Ohms, it will drive most currently available designs, except electrostatics."

The Voyager is 125 x 67 x 28mm and weighs 180g.