Omnimount has launched a new range of solutions for wall mounting speakers.

The "EAR" Series allows home cinema enthusiasts, or in fact anyone with large speakers, to wall mount their system with minimum fuss.

The EAR-S designs allow users to mount loudspeakers flush to either side of their flat screen or below for centre channels if they opt for the EAR-C system.

OmniMount adds that the EAR-C system is also ideal for "all-in-one" soundbar designs.

It claims that the designs will take almost 10kg for each side.

The system is also said to be easy to install as it uses a universal mounting system "that accommodates nearly every flat panel speaker on the market" as well as "almost every medium and large flat panel screen".

The EAR-S and the EAR-C systems are compatible with OmniMount’s UCL-L and UCL-X mounts, all UAM and UAL adapters and G3FP flat panel stand.

OmniMount has also announced a new solution for hiding the cables running to sound and home entertainment systems.

Its Wall Cable Management system uses covers, which can be cut to any length and painted to match the wall they are running on.

The EAR-S system costs £99.99; the EAR-C is cheaper at £69.99, while the Cable Management Kit is £19.99, or £14.99 for the mini kit if you have less wires.