Revo has announced the launch of its BLIK RadioStation "hybrid" digital radio.

The BLIK RadioStation comes to market in the UK with the claim of being the first product to offer consumers DAB/DAB+ digital radio, Wi-Fi internet radio and traditional FM radio in a single one-box solution.

David Baxter, Managing Director of Revo Technologies said: "The fact that we have beaten bigger, more established names to the market with this new technology, highlights our desire and commitment to making REVO a global force in the digital radio business".

So you get full DAB and DAB+ (for our European cousins) digital radio reception, FM radio coverage with RDS, Wi-Fi internet radio (and with it easy access to over 9000 stations from around the world), full alarm clock functionality and the ability to plug-in your iPod and use BLIK as a loudspeaker system for MP3 playback.

As well as BLIK RadioStation, REVO has launched two other models in the BLIK radio range, the BLIK DAB – a DAB and FM version, and BLIK Wi-Fi – a Wi-Fi internet radio and FM model.

BLIK RadioStation will be on sale for £149.95 and is available from REVO retailers or directly from from the 19th of December 2007.

BLIK DAB and BLIK Wi-Fi are £49.95 and £99.95 respectively. All models are available in two colour finishes – black and white.