Logic3 claims that the JiveBox is the most powerful and efficient in its class. With patented technologies including a ClassHD amplifier, it provides an output of 90 watts RMS.

This technology involved promises to reduce sound distortion, deliver a clearer, louder performance and means
the overall size of the amplifier is significantly smaller than others on the market.

The 5.25 inch (135mm) Hi-X subwoofer claims to produce a deeper and richer bass to ensure a more vibrant sound.
The JiveBox also includes a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) which manages all of the different technologies included in the speaker system.

The JiveBox includes 2 x 3inch (75mm) midrange drivers and 2 x 1inch (25 mm) tweeters - each "sympathetically" located, that are said to help balance output for wherever you are in the room.

The JiveBox also has a docking station that re-charges your iPod as it plays, has 3.5mm line-in for other audio sources and includes a remote control.

It's available from high street retailers including Argos and online at Amazon priced at £149.99.