Hercules has launched the i-XPS 120 Outdoor, that they claim is the first compact speaker system for iPod officially certified as resistant to water and dust particles.

Designed for iPod users to play their music outdoors, we are told that the i-XPS 120 Outdoor has undergone a series of rigorous performance tests which have secured it an IP 53 certification.

This means it's certified resistant to water sprays (rather than immersion) and dust and offers a watertight chamber for your iPod.

As would befit its outdoor abilities, the i-XPS 120 Outdoors has a handle for carrying it around and can be operated on batteries, as well as the mains and can also be run from your car's cigarette lighter socket.

With a 3D effect switch for enhanced sound depth the system offers 12 Watt RMS output and and 24 Watt peak power.

The i-XPS 120 Outdoor is designed to house and protect the 30, 60 and 80GB iPod, iPod classic, 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation iPod nano, and iPod mini media players.

The iPod Shuffle and other MP3 players can be connected to the device via the included line-in connector, but would obviously not be protected via this connection.

The i-XPS 120 Outdoor will be available this month for £99.99.