AM Micro is to offer MacAlly's TunePro iPod speaker in the UK.

A flat panel stereo speaker with an AM/FM radio and alarm clock, this joins the growing ranks of such offerings for your 'pod, but does offer one feature that's a break from the norm.

The TunePro boasts an extra slim mirrored flat panel speaker that looks like a mirror when it's turned off, and when playing music it creates a ripple effect from the sound waves passing through it.

The alarm clock can be set just like regular digital clock that just wakes you up to a beeping sound. Alternatively, it can be set to play any selected song on your iPod to wake you up.

The clock is displayed in the top right hand corner of the mirrored panel and comes with configurable dimmer settings to make it more or less visable.

It comes with three adapters so it is also compatible with the all dock connector iPods, including the latest nano and iPod touch models and will charge certain models while they are docked.

The MacAlly TunePro is available now for £79.95 from AM Micro.