iPod speakers come in all shapes and sizes, but this is the first we've seen built-in to a PA system.

Although not coming with dials that go up to 11, the iPod Party Speaker is according to its sellers "the ultimate in mobile party system".

Made from heavy-duty aluminium and sitting on a two wheeled base with a retractable handle, this 22w mobile speaker system will blast out your tunes wherever you are.

As well as a mains cable it also has an internal re-chargeable battery that will give you 12 hours playback and you can plug in any iPod you care to mention, as well as other CD or MP3 players.

But where it's really exciting for the busker in you, is that you can plug in your musical instruments (not included in the box) or microphone (included in the box) via the 6.3mm output jacks on the front and jam at the same time as playing back tunes from your iPod.

The iPod Party Speaker is available from iwoot.com and will cost in the region of £150.