The annoyingly CaPiTaLed TwinMOS miniBooM is a new compact and portable speaker system for iPods and other MP3 players via line-in.

On the portable side it weighs 1.5kg (not amazingly lightweight), can run off six AA batteries for 8 hours, and comes complete with a carry case.

In your house, it will run off the mains and as it offers a a digital FM tuner, a calendar and alarm and sleep functions, could double as your alarm clock radio.

A 2.1 audio system, it boasts a class D amplifier and gives you 2 x 2 watt speakers plus a 15 watt 3-inch subwoofer.

Complete with remote, the miniBooM is available now for £80, or hang on 'til a bit later in the year when a DAB version will be around for £100.