Linx has added a "cutting edge" device to its current offerings - the new ultra stylish, 2 x 10 watt Dragon-I speakers.

It could certainly be considered refreshing to see such a different design for a portable speaker system - this should surely raise eyebrows placed on your desk at work.

Linx claims that the octopus-influenced speaker arms mean you to get the ultimate acoustics and best possible sound experience as you can choose to arrange them in your preferred pattern.

Simon Slater, Linx product manager said, "They are a fresh approach to traditional speaker styling, the movable arms enable you to find the best possible acoustics, resulting in maximum sound quality and enjoyment".

Placing your 'pod in the Dragon-I's compact, low level dock will mean it begins to charge instantly and LED power indicators indicate when your device is ready to go.

The Dragon-I speaker docking station comes complete with a compact, removable IR remote control – point, press and you're away...

Available in piano black or ice white the Linx Dragon-I speakers retail for £79.99 and are available from Amazon.