KEF says its "upped the ante" with its new Picoforte Three music package that claims to kick out an even bigger, high quality hi-fi sound from a compact package than its recent Picoforte One system.

Although the electronics remain the same, Picoforte Three embraces new, higher performance speakers.

The result is a apparently beefier sound, with extra bass and an enhanced soundstage. This comes from the larger 11.5cm drivers and 19mm tweeter, along with the larger, 3kg cabinets.

The speakers implement KEF’s proprietary Uni-Q technology, that they promise means you get the widest sound dispersion from the smallest possible package.

The loudspeaker cabinets are entirely metal, while each Picoforte Three component – both dock and the 50W class D amplifier module – is milled from die-cast zinc and clad in either high gloss black or white for "a coolness of touch" that beats synthetic materials.

The Picoforte Three is compatible with every current iPod as well as other MP3 players thanks to the 3.5mm audio jack.

An optional subwoofer connection means that lovers of bass can chose the extend the system and the S-Video connection means that you can use a screen to display song titles or even play movies (if your iPod allows).

The Picoforte Three offers simple set-up - iPod adaptors, connectors, and speaker cable are all supplied, so you can get going straight from the box.

Completing the package is a credit card style remote control, which offers complete control of your iPod.

It will be available this month for around £400.