KEF has launched its exclusive new speakers at a Harrods' debut that saw the speakers unveiled by Yasmin Le Bon.

The Muon (pronounced Mew-on) speakers are 2-metre tall aluminium efforts created in conjunction with "leading visionary industrial designer Ross Lovegrove who was briefed to "marry a sensual yet logical organic form to state-of-the-art-technology".

With only 100 pairs of speakers produced worldwide and each individually numbered, the UK will get just ten pairs to be sold in Harrods.

The Muon boasts a four-way speaker system mounted into the front of the structure and has powerful bass drivers is one of the elements that make it so superior.

The Uni-Q drive unit array is said to "deliver a seamless sonic picture" and affects the upper mid-range and treble.

They boast KEF's Acoustic Compliance Enhancement technology, which claims to enable them to effectively double the available volume through adsorption of air molecules by activated carbon - dubbed "magic dust".

KEY say that the two additional bass drivers mounted in the back of the Muon help to produce a remarkably clean and open sound by dealing with room effects.

Finally the 6mm thick, heavily damped aluminum shell provides a totally rigid structure that minimises any sound-distorting vibrations.

Pricing not revealed - if you have to ask...