Intempo's handheld DAB/FM radio comes with MP3 playback and built-in wireless FM transmitter that will allow you to listen to DAB radio in your car even if you haven't got a DAB radio.

Called the BD-01 the portable player's main calling card is the ability to transmit the DAB radio signal to a nearby FM radio.

The device, which works in an identical way to a standard standalone FM transmitter means that you'll be able to get your favourite DAB stations on any FM radio in the UK. The feature can also be used for the players MP3 functions.

Priced at £119 and only available from Tesco Direct and the radio will allow you to save up to 40 station favourites.

On the MP3 side, the BD-01 has capacity for a 4GB SD card and your music can be directly updated from your PC via the USB port and clicking and dragging music files in MP3 or WMA format.

Like other portable DAB radios, the BD-01 uses the earphones to act as an ariel to ensure a strong signal.

The BD-01 is powered by an internal rechargeable battery and has up to eight hours playback from a full charge.