Described as the very best desktop speaker system for your computer or iPod, the Eclipse TD307PAII speakers are launching in the UK with a bold claim.

The system will work with any iPod, CD player, computer workstation, "porta-studio" or stereo source. For extra flexibility, there are solutions available that see the system floor, wall or desk mounted.

This "high-end hi-fi in miniature" system comprises of two speakers and a matching subwoofer. As you will see from the pics, they're certainly not lacking on style, but what's behind those super-sound claims?

Based on the £4000 Eclipse TD712z near-field monitor, the TD307II apparently share the same design, quality and engineering as its bigger brothers.

The 24 Watt system boats a highly engineered single driver design and a frequency response of 100Hz to 25KHz.

Available in black, white or silver, this "audiophile-grade" mini system will make a statement on your desk if you've got the cash to splash.

The Eclipse TD307II speakers are £130 each, the TDA501II amplifier is £200 but penny-pinchers note that the TD307PAII System costs £400 and so saves a whole £60.00.