The Ministry of Sound is launching the MOSMC057IP, a DAB Micro System with iPod Dock.

Said to have an emphasis on quality sound, the MOSMC057IP boasts 2 x 20 Watt RMS and is MP3/CD/CDR/CDRW/iPod/DAB compatible.

The full iPod functionality means it charges the iPod as it plays and it has an SD/MMC card reader and a USB port allowing for playback from other digital music devices too.

The modern looks are thanks to an aluminium body and eye-catching blue neon lights, the LCD backlit display shows CD and station information with scrolling text about the station, track and artist when tuned on to digital.

The MOSMC057IP also incorporates DAB radio functionality, a CD player and FM/MW stereo tuner.

It hits the high street this month priced at £139.99.