The new BooM1 from TwinMOS is a speaker docking station apparently inspired by the needs created by the iPod generation.

Compatible with all dockable iPods from the iPod family, the BooM1 claims to offer iPod users a unique, state-of-the-art 2.1 audio system that delivers 8 watts per channel.

The BooM1 is equipped with a 25 watt sub-woofer that boasts that it can give you enough sound and presence to easily "satisfy the need of a small private party".

TwinMOS’ on-board proprietary acoustic technology promises to deliver "tender but powerful" bass complimented by crystal mids and highs.

The BooM1 has a Stereo Mini Jack Connection so you can hook up a variety of alternative devices such as MP3/CD players or mobile phones.

The streamlines, shiny exterior of the BooM1 is available in both black and white.

The new TwinMOS BooM1 is £149.99, supplied as standard with a full function remote control and is available now via the link below.

It's just as shame the product's full title reads like a series of typos involving the CapSlOcK key.