Marantz has covered its latest Hi-Fi offering in a flamboyant gold finish that weighs in at a back-breaking 19 stone and measures almost three feet high.

While most companies are moving to smaller more subtle designs, the 50-year-old company is breaking away from the pack with the system that it says is capable of generating almost 5000W of instantaneous power.

Called the Marantz Legendary, the system features a stack of tech specs. Key features for the audiophiles among you include Marantz’s newly developed HDAM-SA modules, also known as Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Modules for Super Audio, Normally found on Marantz’s more advanced current feedback amps, the SC7-S2 features six HDAM-SAs at the input and output stages of the current feedback amp and 12 at the V/I conversion section for a total of 18 modules in all. Meanwhile, in the MA-9S2, six HDAM-SAs in all are used in the voltage amp section.

Oh and with no screws are visible on any of the components thanks to unique engineering processes you'll even get a minimalist design.

The Marantz Legendary Series system is available from August 2007.