KEF claims to bring a taste of the audiophile high-end to your iPod with the new Picoforte One music system.

Described as "cute and curvaceous" the Picoforte One music system nonetheless also promises to bring you "huge, high quality hi-fi sound" from a compact package.

The Picoforte One system is made up of three components – the dock, a 50W class D amplifier module and speakers – all are milled from die-cast zinc and clad in either high gloss black or white.

The speakers are enhanced versions of the KHT Series designs with KEF's Uni-Q technology while an optional subwoofer connection means that lovers of bass won't be disappointed.

The S-Video connection means that you can use a screen to display song titles or play movies, if you've got a full-fat video capable iPod.

The Picoforte One is compatible with every current iPod and will work with other MP3 players via the 3.5mm audio jack.

iPod adaptors, connectors, speaker cable and credit card-sized remote control are included.

The Picoforte one music system will be available in August for £250.