Oono has revamped their Tramsmita product into the Transmita Vii, a wireless audio system that allows you to connect pretty much any audio source to your stereo, TV, or any other device that makes a noise.

The company suggests thinking of the Vii as an invisible cable connecting your iPod to your home stereo or as a means for turning your PC into a jukebox capable of streaming audio around your home.

The Transmita system comprises of two small, rechargeable, and portable units ­ one is the transmitter, the other is the receiver.

You can plug the transmitter into your audio source via a headphone socket or USB, the receiver can be plugged into whatever device you are using via a the auxiliary socket.

The Transmita units "speak" to each other via 2.4GHz frequency which allows CD quality audio to be streamed and you can connect one transmitter to multiple receivers ­ so your favourite songs can be transmitted throughout your home.

£49.95, link below.