We thought we had seen every possible variant of iPod speaker at Pocket-lint until this little one turned up in our inbox.

Based on Shaun the Sheep of Wallace and Gromit fame, the woolly star is part sheep, part soft cuddly toy, part robot, part speaker.

Available from toy makers Golden Bear, the Music Scene Shaun allows you to plug your iPod/MP3 player into Shaun and watch the coloured lights dance on his earphones as your music plays.

If iPod speakers aren't your thing? Golden Bear seem to be making countless other variants of the friendly Sunday-roast-in-waiting including a Wind Up Walking Shaun, Shivering Shaun, Bendable Shaun as well as a Sheep Shoulder Bag.

Why now? It's all to coincide with 40, 7-minute stop-motion animated episodes for the BBC due out later this year.

You heard it here first.