Three years in development, Arcam has launched the FMJ MS250 MusicFile Server.

The FMJ MS250 claims to tbe the first device that boasts audiophile sound in conjunction with the computer-based features of a server.

Claiming to provide superb audio quality using an Arcam custom designed sound card and Arcam audiophile design techniques, this is a serious bit of kit.

with a built-in 400GB hard drive, this silver box can store around 640 uncompressed CDs or up to 4800 CDs in compressed audio formats, which works out at about about 80,000 songs.

Described as powerful home music server it can support four audio zones, each of which can be controlled indepenently.

Users can rip CDs as they are playing, burn CDs, stream music to and from a computer and speakers and listen to internet radio.

It is fully featured for custom installations and can connect either via conventional analogue and digital audio connections or via a network, it also has USB connectivity for external storage or audio player hook up.

Serious kit equals serious money - in this case - £3000.