GEAR4 has announced the pending launch of the slimmest-ever, portable iPod speaker.

The super-slim StreetParty Size 0 provides "exceptional" audio performance whilst weighing just 300g and measuring an only 16mm in depth.

The super-slim speaker comes with a neoprene carry case – providing all-round protection during travelling.

If you're using the Size 0 out and about you can power up the speaker with AA batteries; at home, plug in the AC adapter to listen to your tunes and charge up your iPod at the same time.

The StreetParty Size 0 also features an adjustable dock so that whether you’re listening to an iPod nano or video 5G, no space is wasted and the speaker still remains as slim as humanly possible.

A line in for other music players, a USB port for synching with your computer and a remote control are all included.

It will be available in July for £49.99.