Scandyna have introduced "The Drop" loud speakers that will certainly make a splash in your living room with the ability to hook up to your stereo, iPod, computer or home cinema system.

With the claim that this revolutionary design helps produce a stunning range of sound with incredible versatility, the look is certainly innovative, and in keeping with Podspeaker's curvy style.

The sound of the drop is produced by upgrading the best of the Scandyna's award winning technology and incorporating this in a cabinet design that inspires.

With the options of six different colours; white, black, silver, blue, yellow and red, you get the choice to complement, or contrast with your decor.

One of the selling points of "The Drop" is the flexibilty in how you want to position them - especially as looking like this, you're not going to want to hide them behind the sofa.

There are four different options for you - these speakers can be positioned on rubber or metal sound isolating spikes, wall-mounted or ceiling hung with the new patented wall hanging cable, hence the name, "The Drop".

The Drop Loudspeakers are available at an estimated retail price of £549.